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Attitude is contagious and ours is worth catching!

  • In the ever changing competitive environment, helping your organization meet the challenges it faces is what IMI Training & Programs Division is all about. We work with organizations to help them create a competitive edge – by developing people and teams with the skills, strategies, motivation and mind-set needed to succeed in today’s world of work.

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  • Success is all about Attitude

    A winning attitude is at the base of all success. Each one of our courses is specially designed to develop this attitude in you.

  • Success is about Doing

    What's really important is not necessarily what you know but what you can do with what you know. We will give you "real" skills you can use the minute you leave our training sessions.

  • Success is about Balance

    True success in life requires both personal and professional skills. We offer you both: courses to help you succeed in your career and courses to help you be more productive, more relaxed and happier.

Regional Training

We have also successfully implemented several training programs in the Middle East, specifically in Algeria, Dubai, Qatar, Syria and Yemen.

Our Scope of Work

IMI Scope of Work
Target Groups

IMI conducts training programs to different target groups including: Individual Professionals, Corporate organizations, government authorities as well as donor projects.

Our Training Approach and Methodology

Our Training Approach
  • IMI Training Approach
    Focus on Attitude

    IMI believes that the crucial factor in any learning program is attitude. Only when one recognizes the usefulness of the new skill, the importance of mastering it as consistent behavior or ‘feels’ the necessity of it, will one be able to realize an ongoing development.

  • IMI Training Approach
    Action Learning

    IMI workshops are based as much as possible on the Action Learning principle. This means that an optimal translation is realized in daily practice – through practice simulations during the training, and also through individual practical assignments completed before and after the training when possible.

  • IMI Training Approach

    IMI Training courses are built upon the customer Training needs that varies according to the corporate goals, industry, environment and the profile of the participants, IMI has no off the shelf Training Material, We pay much sensitivity to Program design according to the customer Training needs.

Our Training Methodology
  • Training Material

    The material presented should be relevant, meaningful, communicated effectively and related to the job. We have the capability to produce both English and Arabic Materials according to the profile of the participants and training needs.

  • IMI Trainers

    IMI has recruited a list of the most qualified Consultants/Trainer that have the training talent, hands-on experience and dedication in order to ensure the quality of the training provided.

  • Trainer Role

    Knowledge Provider, Coach, Facilitator, Catalyst, coordinator of learning Experience.

  • Training Effect

    Our Training workshops aim not only at changing the knowledge of the participants but basically the attitude and Skills of the trainees.

Monitoring & Evaluation

IMI has a strict policy of evaluating all courses related to the firm. Upon reaching the end of each training course, participants are required to fill out an evaluation form for both the course and the trainer. This evaluation form is treated as a guideline for IMI to improve or modify its training techniques or course contents.

IMI Premises

  • Our premise is located on Corniche El Maadi, Cairo. It is a 1000 m2 facility with classrooms and cafeteria.
    The premise includes 5 rooms with different capacities and different style setups. All our rooms are fully equipped.

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