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Companies no longer need a theorybased training but rather a practical training with applicable knowledge. We believe that training does not stop at preaching in front of a whiteboard. We stress on hands on application, real LIVE experiences and FRONT end technology. At IMI we provide:

Certified Programs

IMI is partnered with the leading international educational institutions and certifications around the world.

Short Courses

Sales & Marketing Human ResourcesProject Management Operations Finance Leadership & Mgt, Personal Skills

Courses & Simulation GameBased

Oak Tree Simulations Life Orientations Fish !philosophy

Specialized Courses

Call Center Banking Pharmaceutical FMCG

Tailored programs

Corporate programs are designed and tailored specifically to fit our Client’s industry, timing, and loca-tion

Trainer Selection & Recommendation

In order to provide our clients with advanced management skills and knowledge to enable them to counteract the market competitive pressures, IMI places a high emphasis on the selection of its specialized pool of trainers.

Our training programs inform and inspire because they are delivered by people who understand the business. We cut straight to the bottom line to give attendees just what they need to know about the topic at hand. Accordingly, we have set the following criteria in trainer selection:

· A rich educational background that ensures the exposure to the latest research findings and management techniques and procedures
· Guaranteed capability in delivering a clear message to target participants
· Practical and deep experience in the topic to be delivered
· High presentation and communication skills to ensure the effective knowledge transfer
· Ability to use various training techniques to stimulate participation
· Effectiveness in tailoring the training to fit the participants' context of work and the environment of your organization


Training Approach

Training Approach

IMI Training approach focuses on participants need.

Adult Learning Style

We believe at IMI that the adult learning is much distinguished through building participant expectations, motivation of the trainees, relevance to real life situations, open communication channels and social interaction.

Action Learning

IMI workshops are based as much as possible on the Action Learning principle. This means that an optimal translation is realized in daily practice through practice simulations during the training, and through individual practical assignments completed before and after the training when possible.


IMI Training courses are built upon the customer Training needs that varies according to the corporate goals, industry, environment and the profile of the participants, IMI has no off the shelf Training Material, we pay much sensitivity to program and instructional design according to the customer Training Needs.

Focus on Attitude

IMI believes that the crucial factor in any learning program is attitude. Only when one recognizes the usefulness of the new skill, the importance of mastering it as consistent behaviour or ‘feels’ the necessity of it, will one be able to realize an ongoing development.

Training Methodology

Our training programs are designed to provide participants
with an active and relevant learning experience.

Mini Lectures

Role Plays

Group Discussion

Case Studies



Group Exercises

Training Tools

Interactive group exercises and discussions

Relevant and concise course materials for each participant

Case Studies, business simulations and role plays

Online exams and brainstorming


HR Certification Institute™ HRCI

HR Certification Institute® HRCI, headquartered in the United States, is the premier credentialing organization for the human resources profession. For 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for HR mastery and excellence around the globe.

International Quality Federation IQF

The IQF offers Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certification. IQF certifications are recognized throughout the world because of the rigorous exams and detailed project work required.

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