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Our language programs are designed to meet each individual’s needs, schedule and objectives. Whether you need to have an easy conversation, learn business terminology or speak almost like a native, our programs are designed to serve your purpose and help you go a step up in only 5 weeks

All language courses offered to utilize Rosetta Stone as the backbone of the learning experience through Ocean County College

For more than 40 years, Ocean College, sponsored by Ocean County and the State of New Jersey, has provided area residents with the opportunity to benefit from higher education. All programs are certified from Ocean County College and IMI Language Institute.





Blended Learning

Classroom & E-Learning

Our language programs combine between classroom lessons and the convenience and flexibility of online classes.

Students learn a new language in a constructive manner; it includes interactive lessons, speech recognition activities, and real lifeimmersion experiences.
We adopt a modern developed teaching method where the instruction is Learner Directed rather than the usual Teacher Directed method. The Learner Directed method is a teaching technology that aims to at giving the learner greater control, ownership, and accountability over their own education.

Learners interact with the instructor and with one another rather than just listening to the instructor, turning teaching to become much more meaningful, relevant, and effective to the learner.



Why Rosetta Stone?

World’s best language learning software, Premier foreign language instructional software,
Data driven learning,
Customizable to thousands of configurations,
Coupled with live instruction forms the basis of technology assisted instruction
Dynamic Immersion, pairing sound to text to pictures
Dynamic Immersion activates your own natural language learning ability. You begin to think in your new language
from the very beginning the same way you learned your first language
Exercises are developed by neuroscientists for full adaption of the acquired knowledge
7 / 24 practice, in-class & on-the-go via smartphones, tablets and home pcs
The ability to adapt to each one’s weaknesses
Detailed insights about the progress of every student


Learner Interactivity - Data & Analytics - Customizable

Modern learning system

Innovative teaching skills and technology friendly methods

Usage of online learning

Ocean County College

20 years of experience in language learning used by over than 22,000 eductional institutes

1 Month timeline

Each of language training course modules are designed to be completed at a pace of one module per month.

Hybrid Model

Each language moduleis delivered via a hybrid format.


OCC and IMI will jointly issue a certificateof completion

Blended Learning

Learner Directed Method

Technology Friendly System

World’s best language-learning software

Dynamic Immersion


HR Certification Institute™ HRCI

HR Certification Institute® HRCI, headquartered in the United States, is the premier credentialing organization for the human resources profession. For 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for HR mastery and excellence around the globe.

International Quality Federation IQF

The IQF offers Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certification. IQF certifications are recognized throughout the world because of the rigorous exams and detailed project work required.