Organization Development

 IMI Training Institute


Organization Development is basically a planned change intervention. This is a technique used by professionals and practitioners to evolve new changes in organizations. The purpose of OD is to enhance both individual and organizational effectiveness.  

Benefits and Added Value

• Develop an understanding of OD concepts and frameworks 
• Recall the dimension of change 
• Develop an appreciation of organizational variables that interplay with planned change efforts 
• Build awareness on OD tools and techniques
• Discuss the history, main concepts, and theories of the field of Organization Development 
• Experience the emotions and dynamics of change, resistance to change and articulate the reasons behind such dynamics 
• Articulate and discuss the process of Change Management with particular attention to the logic behind the stages of the process 
• Interact with, analyze, and report on an organization that is currently managing a change process in the workplace

Program Content

1. What is organization development
2. The difference between HR and OD
3. The difference between Organizational Development, and Organization Development 
4. Benefits and Values of OD 
5. Who should run the OD?
6. Is OD a function or a position or a process?
7. To whom should OD practitioners report? 
8. Characteristics of OD 
9. Organization Culture
10. Basic Conceptual Framework on Change 
11. Cultures that support change
12. Power, values and politics in organizations 
13. Initiating and leading change
14. Resistance to change
15. The need for communication 
16. Motivation 
17. Overcoming barriers to change
18. Forces of change and change agents in organizations 
19. Managing change through OD Contemporary issues in organizational change issues i.e. technology, work stress and stimulating innovation. 
20. OD Processes and interventions 
21. Team and Group, and Organization
22. Merge and Acquisition 
23. Responsibility and Authority
24. The Art of Delegation  
25. Different types of Authorities
26. Re-structuring and re-engineering 

Who Should Attend

OD Professionals, HR professionals, Line Managers, and Change agents 


3 days