Training and Development

 IMI Training Institute


HR professionals need a sound foundation of training and development and the essential skills to design systems that are effective in supporting the organizational strategy. The primary objective of training and development is to improve organizational effectiveness and create actionable and measurable change both in individual and organizational performance. The course provides an overview of the function and practice of training and development and includes a discussion of current trends and developments.

Benefits and Added Value

• Differentiate between training and development and understand how training and organizational development strategy align with the overall business objectives;
• Gain an understanding of the principles of adult learning theory, terminology, stages of learning, and learning theories and models;
• Gain an understanding of formal, and non-formal learning, and consider how to incorporate these into different training initiatives;
• Examine the connection between learning and teaching styles, motivation and conditions that facilitate a positive learning environment;
• Learn how to design needs analysis systems in relation to organizational training objectives, to maximize both the individual and the organizational capabilities, to integrate performance management requirements into the needs analysis process, and to include an effective evaluation mechanism;
• Understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of training and development programs and expense program to measure ROI benefits.

Program Content

1. Difference between training and development 
2. Learning styles    
3. Analysis of training needs
4. Development, administration and assessment of programs
5. Introduction to adult learning theories and practices
6. Preparation of learning objectives and entry standards
7. Characteristics of alternate training methods and media
8. Career planning, succession planning and their relation with training and development
9. Budgeting, planning, scheduling and coordinating
10. Monitoring, controlling, and following up on the learning

Who Should Attend

HR Generalist Professionals, and Training and Development professionals


2 days