Fundamentals of Marketing

 IMI Training Institute


A marketing orientation is crucial for any organization to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. To have the necessary marketing orientation, all functions in the organization must be well acquainted with the principles of marketing. Any decisions taken by any function has an impact on the competitiveness of the organization.

Benefits and Added Value

• Use the skills necessary for success in today’s competitive markets
• Understand the marketing dimension in any non-marketing decision.
• Understand the basic principles of marketing in the larger context of the business environment.

1. Understand the Essentials of Guerrilla Marketing
2. Define and understand guerrilla marketing practices
3. Learn important guerilla marketing secrets that will allow you to have a competitive advantage

Program Content

1. Identifying the impact of marketing decisions on the company’s performance.
2. Business dynamics of marketing 
3. Knowing your customer and his buying behavior
4. Learning to use appropriate promotional techniques 
5. Developing and implementing marketing plans
6. Gaining hands-on experience in identifying and solving marketing problems
7. Determining the impact of market share and life cycle issues on marketing opportunities
8. Identifying your competitors and how to deal with them
9. Defining Marketing mix basics using the 4 P’s
10. Link between business planning and marketing strategies
11. Development of a strategic marketing plan
12. Product life cycle and how to successfully manage it
13. Role of segmentation, positioning and target markets

Who Should Attend

Non-Marketing Executives, those new to marketing or those working in related fields who interact with the marketing function


2 days