Selling and Negotiations Skills

 IMI Training Institute


Businesses don’t buy products or services or even people - they buy results. Today’s salespeople can only succeed by selling solutions which address customers’ priorities. Starting by clearly identifying priority needs, this course shows sales professionals how to present their offer in terms of its contribution to business goals, how to justify cost and sell Return on Investment.

Solution selling requires a special mix of skills. The training also shows how to avoid some common pitfalls, build strong personal relationships with different customer personalities and sell conversationally and consultatively. 71% of buyers surveyed in latest survey said they will be looking for new suppliers in the next 12 months – make sure you’re on their radar!

Benefits and Added Value

• Identify your customers’ true needs and priorities through consultative selling
• Design and present your solution in a very clear and motivational way and win against tough competition
• Successfully manage relationships with different types of people and respond to their concerns and objections
• Negotiate favorable terms and conditions with procurement
• Achieve ‘trusted adviser’ status in the eyes of your customers

Program Content

1. Introduction and Course Overview
2. Relationship management adaptability
• The importance of building key relationships: Know your own personal style and those of your key contact.
• The different interpersonal styles: Be able to manage relationships with everyone in your account contact base.
• The characteristics of each style: Adapt your behavior and create rapport with different personality types.

Who Should Attend

Sales managers, key account executives, and professionals involved, or about to be involved, in selling a product or service to accounts that have the potential of large volume sales.


2 days