Al Alsun
The Hiring Date


Al Alsun Employment Fair
Organized by the Faculty of Al Alsun

Ain Shamss University
March 25th, 2018

In its annual employment fair, The Annual Hiring and Training Forum, organized by The Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University, IMI is delighted to be a consistent exhibitor and member of this event.
The forum aims at connecting students and graduates of the college to the corporate market by inviting reputable companies, ministries and institutions to participate in the annual forum and provide training and employment opportunities for students and graduates of the college in all their specialties.
The forum contributes to guiding the graduates of the college to the corporate market and introducing them to the nature and requirements of the market and provides the opportunity for the participating parties to select outstanding calibers of the students and graduates of the college with their different specialties.
The forum was held at the Faculty of Al-Alsun on Sunday, March 25th, 2018 and IMI was able to hire qualified candidates to multiple vacant positions.

The 5th Annual Misr HRians Conference
Modern Trends in Talent Management: “Beyond HR Excellence”
Organized by EGYCHAM

Intercontinental City Stars
25 – 26th March, 2017

IMI was a gold sponsor in the 5th annual Misr HRians Conference that took place on the 25th and 26th of March, 2017, in the Intercontinental City Stars.
The conference is an annual gathering for HR Leaders and Speakers from different industries. The hottest HR topics are explored and discussed while featuring solutions for the most pressing HR needs.
With transformative technologies, and the speed of digitalization, HR is in a significant position to envision long-held approaches and swiftly adapt and thrive to the vast changes happening around.
From “The 10 Pitfalls of HR Managers” and “The New Phase of Hiring” to “Preparing 2018 HR Plan” and “5 Amazing Secrets for Organizational Behavior” as well as “Securing Human Capital” and “Managing Benefits Efficiently”, the attendees explored their macro and micro HR challenges and ways to overcome them.

The Hiring Date
Recruitment Open Day
Organized by IMI

Steingenberger El Tahrir
March 11th, 2017

With a new approach and a unique employment strategy, The Hiring Date marks the first to hire applicants on the same day of the event. Meanwhile when you visit the fair and apply for an interview, you get hired on the same day! The moto of the fair is “Walk in as an Applicant.. Walk out as an Employee..”
The Hiring Date is one of the biggest job fairs offering more than 1,000 jobs in different fields. Multinational companies from different industries offer unlimited job opportunities such as banking, offshore customer service, training, and much more. It’s an open day for recruitment, where 100 professional recruiters are waiting for you for a professional talk, evaluation and signing your job offer immediately.