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IMI is a Human Development and Manpower Solutions company that provides integrated solutions to help individuals develop and advance their skills and companies grow.

IMI was established in 1999 having 18 years of experience in the market. We specialize in Training and Human Capital Development, for both management and technical skills. We have a pool of experts specializing in specific areas that serve organiza tions of different industries.

We provide hands-on solutions to help solve day-to-day business challenges through resourcing and developing their human capital with the help of our HR and Training expertise. We believe in a comprehensive approach – becoming part of our client's business and knowing well their operations and challenges.

We believe in customizing and developing specific solutions through a collaborative process designed to identify a client’s needs, requirements and objectives. The unique approach combined with the strong faculty of expertise, competent trainers, HR professionals and multilingual facilitators, along with our training and learning labs, help companies increase the productivity, performance of their employees and thus increase their profitability and ROI.

In the ever-changing competitive environment, helping your organization meet the challenges it faces, is what our three strategic business units are all about. Each operating as a separate division with its own staff and resources. Each business unit has its own strategic approaches to their markets reflecting their market requirements and generating maximum growth for their segment.

Areas of Specialization

IMI is the Human Development and Training arm of ECCO Outsourcing operating under the umbrella of Saham Group

IMI is part of ECCO Outsourcing. ECCO Outsourcing is a multi-channel contact center hub for call center services.

ECCO Outsourcing is owned by Saham Group. Saham Group is positioned as a major player in the insurance, offshoring, health, and real estate sectors in Africa and the Middle East.

ECCO Outsourcing was established in 2002 in Egypt as a multi-channel contact center hub for call center services, offering integrated services and solutions to diverse industries.

In 2009, ECCO expanded its operations to Saudi Arabia and Qatar through joint ventures with local partners. In 2009, ECCO acquired IMI.

In 2015, ECCO got into strategic partnership with SAHAM Group, thus enriching ECCO’s BPO and CRM offerings in Egypt and the MENA region, and accelerating the expansion in the Gulf area.

ECCO continues to be an attractive multilingual service provider of choice for local and global customers.

SAHAM Group is a Moroccan multi-sector group, primarily focused on the service industry. Created in 1995 , the Group had a record 1.1 $ billion turnover in 2015 . It employs over 14,000 people in 27 countries across Africa and the Middle East. Saham has also built strategic partnerships with top-level players, like Bertelsmann and Wendel, reinforcing the Group’s solid financial foundation and helping boost its international development strategy. The Group’s business revolves around 5 main divisions: Insurance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Customer Services and Education.

Through structured partnerships and targeted acquisitions as part of its global strategy, Saham Group has achieved dynamic growth and regional expansion, and is now developing its expertise in twenty countries.


The vision and mission statement of IMI were actually derived out of the persistent will of being positioned as one of the most prominent, innovative and successful experts in the world of Outsourcing Services Providers.


Our mission is to elevate people’s skills and knowledge to develop in their career paths, manage their own bussiness and personal lives, as well as creating new career opportunities for them to grow.


we aspire to become the credible training & talent provider for qualified professionals in different career fields and levels in MENA by 2020


Our core values reflect the soul of IMI. They are the guiding principles that inspire our behaviour and work environment.


The basis of a successful relationship is trust, which starts with the simple and straightforward truth.


We target new methods and ideas in order to be in line with our evolving business environment.


We have the ability to lead skillfully and efficiently


We strive for continuous quality improvement in all aspects of our business relationships and processes.


We work cooperatively with each other by learning and sharing our skills and resources across organizational boundaries (Learning and Loyalty: Belonging to a team indicate loyalty), we work together cooperatively and collectively to achieve ambitious common goals.

Ghita Lahlou


Mohamed Mahmoud

Chief Accountant

Wessam Foaad

HRO Business Unit Director

Ehab Mohsen

HRO Manager

Rasha Mohssen

Marketing Manager

Hoda Moustafa

Head of Training Development & Accreditation

Osama Helmy

Senior Service Desk Specialist



We work cooperatively with each other by learning and sharing our skills and resources across organizational boundaries. We work together cooperatively and collectively to achieve ambitious common goals. We value teamwork because we understand that innovation, creativity and good quality decisions are best nurtured in group exchanges of thoughts, ideas and advice (this implies the concept of responsibility).


Our workplace is a place of fun, energy and innovation. We like to organize fun activities at work. We like to have lunch together. Our offices are always open to all ideas from different departments. Located across the beautiful Nile of Egypt, our trainees as well as our employees, enjoy their training sessions and breaks.

Work Culture

IMI has a work culture that emphasizes enthusiastic customer loyalty, teamwork and compliance to agreements. Our friendly collaborative environment helps our clients’ and customers in achieving their desired level of service. By facilitating growth and renewal of services to our clients, we are able to positively impact our organization through employee productivity, motivation, job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Career Path

Career advancement at IMI encompasses everything you do from the time you begin your career to the time you retire. Advancement for some people means climbing the corporate ladder until you reach the executive suite. For others it means doing a great job while being recognized for it. Whatever career advancement means to you, IMI is where its employees will find the resources to help them achieve it.


Our value is in our people. We believe that our remarkable employees are what truly makes us stand out. We believe that developing and investing in human capital will boost performance in all facets of our business and our clients' business as well. We optimize our workforce through comprehensive human capital development programs to achieve business goals and long-term sustainability.

Career Development

IMI recognizes that the development and growth of our employees is the most important and essential asset to our organization’s future success. Our Human Resource department is responsible for designing career paths and employee development programs that help our employees reach their goals. Expenditures related to training, development, health and support are an investment in productivity, not just an expense.

IMI monitors how individuals within our company manage their careers and upon that we structure the career progress of our members accordingly. At IMI career development is an organized approach used to match our employees’ goals with our business needs. Our aim is to enhance each employee’s current job performance in order to take advantage of future job opportunities and promotions within our company.

In the ever changing competitive environment, helping your organization meet the challenges it faces is what IMI TAD Division is all about. We work with organizations to help them create a competitive edge by developing people and teams with the skills, strategies, motivation and mindset needed to succeed in today’s world of work

Organization chart


Disqualified! is not in our dictionary.

IMI follows a no NO strategy. In our recruitment process, candidates who are disqualified in their second interview are not disqualified by IMI for the job they apply for. We analyze the areas of development and we actually retrain then reassess them to make sure they meet the job qualificaions and standards.